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Easy Farming, a model legacy

“My grandpa and his two brothers came over from Norway about 1905. Ole was my grandfather. He started a farm back here in the valley. Knut, his brother, started a farm outside of Cashton. His other brother Alvin ventured off to California. I’ve never seen him, but my brother was in the Navy and he went out and seen him in ’70. Ole and Knut did farm around here back on the valley and bought this farm on the ridge. He eventually died so my dad bought this place on the ridge. His brother bought the place in the valley. I have lived here all of my life. My dad started farming around ’45 and farmed until ’85 when he passed away. He loved it. It doesn’t look like it did back then anymore.”

All that remains

A couple years back I stumbled on an old abandon homestead way back in the boonies while I was trout fishing.  I typically fished this stretch in September and the leaves were still on the trees.  This outing was in early season March and the trees were barren and snow was still everywhere. The world looks much different in early March.

Muddy Boots

I need to give a little background to begin the story. Recently I have been doing lots of presentations at schools to encourage young people to take up fishing. Along the way I was asked to speak at some nursing homes also. I have spoken at five now and have a couple more scheduled. My wife used to work at a nursing home and she thought it was a good thing for the retired folks. She called it bringing the trout stream to them.


Sitting pretty as the Grant county seat in Southwest Wisconsin, Lancaster with a population of around 3700, packs a large dose of hometown pride.

On July 18th, Lancaster held its annual ‘Night on the Square’, that saw people from inside the city and surrounding areas gather for an evening of music, dance, fun, food, fundraising, and fellowship.

A long hard winter

I didn't even have the trout on and it haunted me.  My friend Andy's encounter with it was chapter one of the saga.  I remember reading his email at first and dismissing the possibility of a monster in that stretch.  My left knee was at full "I hate you" phase and I dismissed the fish story partially because of my knee not cooperating. I was supposed to be with Andy that day but I chickened out because of my knee.