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Collaborative creek restoration benefits Billings Creek

In the past couple years, streams and creeks throughout the Driftless region in Southwestern Wisconsin have been reshaped and seen bank erosion due to severe storms and more than average flooding.

With the worst flooding hitting the Driftless last summer, conservationists are beginning restoration efforts that are crucial to the health and management of the area’s waters. Read more at

A book and music mecca in the Driftless, with a dash of history

While the Driftless area has no lack of amazing and beautiful scenery, flora, fauna and a rich diverse culture, there are as many unique small businesses as well.

In digging in deeper to the endless very cool stores and shops on my weekly travels, I continued to hear about a store that many told me I had to do a short story on, Driftless Books and Music in Viroqua, Wisconsin and its owner Eddy Nix.

Norskedalen Midsummer Festival celebrates Norwegian/Scandinavian culture

Tucked away in a breathtaking deep valley, that could arguably look like topography in Norway, is a historically rich gem of the Driftless region.

The Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center located just outside of Coon Valley, Wisconsin, despite continued work to restore flood damage from last year, held their 36th annual Midsummer Fest. Midsummer is the second most important yearly celebration in Norway.