Dan Kouba and the Journeymen pay tribute to veterans, a Hillsboro fallen soldier and his comrades

Dan Kouba and the Journeymen pay tribute to veterans, a Hillsboro fallen soldier and his comrades

Last Friday night Beezers Bar and Grill located in Hillsboro, Wisconsin, hosted Dan Kouba and the Journeymen to play in honor of veterans both past and present, and some members of the United States Army’s 724th Transportation Company.

Those present from the 724th were there to show support for the family of Army Pfc. Gregory R. Goodrich of Bartonville, Illinois, who was Killed in Action on April 9, 2004 while serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom, when his convoy came under attack. Goodrich was 37 at the time. Goodrich is the nephew of band member and lead guitarist Joe Havlik.

Dan Kouba, lead singer and song writer for the band, was excited to have his band play for the occasion and stated that his father was a World War II Veteran and his brother served in Vietnam. Kouba said, “It’s about time that these guys get recognized.”

Keyboardist Mary Siefert, who also writes songs and plays a multitude of instruments, shared that she was pumped to play for the veterans, and noted it was also a special night because her mother was there from Mississippi to support the band and veterans and meet all the different people.

Joe Havlik aka ‘The Man in Black’, also is a veteran, was feeling uplifted to see all the veterans and some of his nephew’s comrades come to support his family, and stressed that they come up every year to show their respect for his nephew.

Anchor of the band and Drummer Joe Sukana, although a man of few words and always in serious deep thought, said that he was honored to play for all the veterans.

Bassist John Guelig who referred to himself as the “new kid on the block”, stated that he felt honored to play for the veterans as well and was looking forward to the nights gig.

With no shortage with ties to the US military, the band’s sound man Tom, shared his connection and feeling about the gig. “Man, I love it. I have two kids; my son is Alan and has been in the Navy for four years and is out to sea right now and my daughter Alyssa just graduated High school this last year and is currently at boot-camp in the USMC.”

Having just played the venue ‘The Shack’ at Beezers Bar and Grill a couple weeks ago, Kouba thanked them for having them back for this special occasion.

DriftlessNow.com, thanks all Veterans from the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. We also thank and recognize all active military and reserves. Thank you all for your service, dedication, sacrifice, and loyalty. We remember ‘All gave some, some gave all’.

For more on Army Pfc. Gregory R. Goodrich visit Military Times.

Check out Dan Kouba and the Journeymen at DanKoubaAndTheJourneymen.com.

Following are a couple videos of the night’s gig.

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