2019 Ho-Chunk Labor Day Powwow- Yep, I made it there

2019 Ho-Chunk Labor Day Powwow- Yep, I made it there

A few days ago, I shared a little about myself, a few memories, and a snippet of my life.

After collecting myself, and getting ready, I traveled up to the Andrew Blackhawk Memorial Powwow grounds in Black River, Wisconsin.

Although in some pain, I did just what I remembered my good friend Owen “The Bull” Mike had told me to do when not feeling up to par. “Go dance if there is a powwow going on,” he’d say. “Dance for those that are no longer walking Mother Earth and those that are unable to dance themselves.”

Walking past the craft and food vendors, it was good to see many friends and extended relatives gathered together around the sacred circle.

I arrived just before the second session Grand Entry when the Veterans carry in the first American flag, the “Eagle Staff” followed by the American flag, POW/MIA flag, and the service flags. Thank you to the Andrew Blackhawk American Legion Post 129 and other Veterans that helped them out.

Hearing/feeling the sacred heart beat of Mother Earth, the voices of the singers, and watching all the dancers (at least 100) enter the arena, I was home.

I got out there and danced. I prayed, I felt good, no, I felt alive.

As I danced around the circle, my pain subsided, my energy increased, my spirit was charging. I gave thanks to Creator and thought about my friend Owen Mike and many others.

I felt blessed to be a part of the circle. I felt gratitude for each and everyone there. After all, it is everyone that makes life, whether I know them or not. We all are on our own path given to us by Creator.

It was good to sit with my Gaga (grandmother) Anita Whiteeagle and visit, listening her to various teachings (just listening to her are the teachings).

It was good to see my Tega (Uncle) Ted and my brother Gary and sister Jane. I visited with my Tega Norbert and many other friends and relatives.

The night was good. Everything was good. I physically was good, just as my friend Owen told me it would be.

As if I didn’t get enough, I went back for another round of good feelings on Labor Day. This time, I was honored to have my good friends Dan Kouba and his wife Maureen join me.

I enjoyed sharing the celebration with them and introduced them to Indian burgers (fry bread split and a burger slid in between) and corn soup.

It was good to see them enjoy themselves. I think they understood, and maybe experienced a little of what I told them about Powwow.

I wasn’t going to write an article on the powwow. It is not really a celebration that I can write in third person. Powwow is an experience best lived in person.

I thought to myself, I can write and share how it made me feel just as I did in my blogish(ish) writing a few days ago.

As I mentioned in my writing titled “It’s life, my life”, I will from time to time share my thoughts feeling and experiences.

I have yet to go to a powwow where the Master of Ceremonies did not welcome everyone, Native American or not to join in Inter-tribal (open dance for anyone to join) dancing. Native Americans are humble, loving, and hospitable to say the least. In the circle, everyone is welcome.

Next time you see us post an upcoming powwow, drive on out, be a part of the celebration, learn about our culture. You might even learn something about yourself, and even for that time, let go of the struggles of your every day walk of life. We all have them. Remember it is a journey, each and everyone’s personal journey. That is what makes you special to Mother Earth.


Be blessed.

Visit DriftlessNow.com’s YouTube Channel for more Labor Day Powwow videos.

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