Wind Chimes

I purchased two nice wind chimes this spring for the deck.  Neither my wife nor daughter were a fan of them. The first two weeks they were out there my daughter went out in the middle of the night and took them down because she couldn't sleep with them going.

A time to heal

What may seem a long time ago, but just yesterday for those that were there, this war, by any measure has been referred to as the most controversial conflict in United States history. A war in which countless men and women, some as young as seventeen, found themselves in Southeast Asia, in a place called Vietnam.

Dakota Hillside Inn, a labor of love

On their small plot of land, a stone’s throw from the Mississippi River, and nestled into a sandstone cliff hillside outside of Cassville, Wisconsin, the Redwings own and operate the Dakota Hillside Inn. Although their business name has the word ‘Inn’ incorporated into the name, Ron and Barb Redwing see it as more of an open home experience.

The End Of An Era

Geno called me. He told me that he was giving his wood cook stove to his son Steve. The wood
cook stove was not a good auxiliary heat source anymore. He told me that Steve was bringing him a high efficiency wood stove to take its place. I had told Geno on an earlier visit that I wanted to get a photo of the "Monarch" Wood Cook Stove before he banished it to the garage at Steve's house.

Tasty Tomato Fest celebrates end of summer

Produce grower Deep Rooted, located in Westby, WI, held their 4th Annual Tasty Tomato Festival last Saturday, with the public having the opportunity to taste over 40 varieties of tomatoes.

Tiffany Cade and Jimmy Fackert, owners of Deep Rooted, are in their 6th season of growing tomatoes, all of which are grown in bags. “The reason we do that is because when we started in 2012, the greenhouses were all gravel.” Fackert said. The tomato plants are started at the end of January, moved to the greenhouse in March, and grown up to the beginning of November.